Windows 7 key working on two computers

Is there ever a chance windows 7 ultimate can authenticate on 2 computers at once? Because mine did... It said invalid key on my desktop for a few weeks then all of the sudden the pop ups stopped and it said windows authenticated. My computer often has these random crashes when i am running multiple tabs or processes at the same time... and its not because my cpu is slow i have intel i7 with 16gb or ram.. can anyone explain this?
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  1. Hi :)

    It wont last, as long as its a legal key, it will only work permanently on one...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Your crashes are most-likely drivers or HW related. U need to fix that.

    Or maybe u have a virus or such in your PC.

    Where did u get your W7?
  3. Only 1 computer can be activated at the same time with 1 licence key.
  4. Thanks for the feedback!

    Because my computer crashes were happening more frequent i decided to re-install windows and start all over. I was able to re-install with the same key and it was fine for a little while until it couldn't authenticate again which I was kind of expecting.. I still have no idea why i am getting lines through my monitor then blue screening. I recently built this computer a few weeks ago and I don't know what step to take next to fix this problem. System details are - Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3 Motherboard, Windows Ultimate (64-bit) Service Pack 1 (promo disc). 16GB Corsair ram. Intel i7 2600k @3.40GHz w/ Intel HD 3000 Graphics, and I have a 1.5TB hard drive by Seagate.

    When i re-installed windows i immediately tried to instal my mobo and graphics drivers and when i tried to install the HD3000 from Intel i tried opening it after the installation and it says my hardware in not compatible and i get an error. I know a decent amount about computing but when it comes to how i would identify what drivers are corrupt or which hardware is bad i am clueless. The blue screening is way to fast to get the error code. I've already tried to snap a pic on my iphone but i'm not fast enough. My computer is also not shutting down properly even when i click shutdown from the start menu it reboots and said windows did not shut down properly.. It also says windows has updates that need to finish installing when i shutdown but everytime i re-boot, its still saying the same things as if the updates are not actually installing.

    Any feedback will be highly appreciated!
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