Using 64 bit with 2gb of ram?

Hey guys!
I use Windows 7 64bit edition. I used to have 4 gbs of ram but then my brother took it back to his.
So im running Windows 7 64bit with 2gb's of ram.

Basically my problem is , random freezings but not short ones , i actually have to restart PC. I wish i could be more specific than that but i can't.
But one thing , it seems it happens when i have Itunes open.
Now what i was thinking maybe , is that im running Windows 7 64bit (which is heavy on PC i think) AND Itunes (which is heavy on PC i think) with only 2gb's of RAM , and that is making my computer freeze/crash.
Wondering if anyone could give me any insight on this or if i should switch to 32 bit :)?

Thanks! Sorry for my bad explaining btw!!
Regards , Zoof.
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  1. You would have the same issues with Windows 7 / 32 as you are experiencing now.

    Microsoft love posting "minimum and recomended" specificatiosn for their products - which if all you are running is Windows - however in the majority of cases you will find Anti Virus software, and various other items that run on startup. Have a look in the Process tab in Task Manager and see where orwhat is using your memory. also check for high amounts of CPU useage as this might also be the cause.

    Failing that you need to buy some more RAM
  2. I've seen posts here complaining that iTunes causes stability problems...

    I agree that switching to 32-bit probably won't help.
  3. Maybe the memory your brother left you with is bad? Also, what about your swap file? Do you even have one?

    I wonder also if something got zapped when he removed the memory?

    I'd do a memory test to be sure.
  4. Ah cool thanks for the feedback!
    Just wondering , and sorry to sound newbie. But how can i find out if the RAM is faulty?
    Cheers :)!
  5. You can run a memory test via Windows 7 boot up or there are plenty of mem testers out there.

    Memtest86 is a standard that many use. You download an ISO image and burn it to CD and boot off of that.

    Here's a web site that lists the top 5 (with Memtest86 being the top one) ->
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