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Best Anti Virus Software?

Hi, I looked along the forum but never could find a clear cut answer. I've read reviews and articles about the subject but everybody seems to have their favorite. I just wanted a indecisive answer, or at least narrow down my choices. I am fixing to get a new computer and will be needing anti virus for it. I'm not asking what is the best free anti virus out there. Money is not an issue, I want the best all around anti virus to date. I am using avast pro right now, but felt like there is probably something better. I am debating on BitDefender, kapersky, Norton, or maybe put Avast back on. Any input on which one would be best suited all around would be very much appreciated.
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    Norton 2012 or GDATA Internet security are the best 2.

    GData contains the bitdefender and avast antivirus engines under 1 hood.

    Norton revamped their whole lineup a few years ago and are now top notch products.
  2. Free: Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials.
  3. You don't say? I have used Norton's products before and felt they had dropped the ball on them. And I have never heard of GDATA, I will defiantly take a look into them. Thank you for your quick response Area51, and yes I use security essentials on most of my "clients" computers. I'm still in school but I repair computers that are brought in. Thank you again for your answer
  4. GDATA = 2 engines and very light on the resources.
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    GDATA = 2 engines and very light on the resources.

    That's what I like to hear haha, Is Norton still a resource hog like it seemed to be?
  6. No, it is very light but i give GDATA the edge buy a tad.
  7. Look into the GDATA you will like what you read.
  8. I'm looking into it as we speak! I can't thank you enough on how fast of a response you gave, I really appreciate it man. You defiantly helped to narrow down my choices. Now all I have to do Is pick between the two haha, you can close the thread if you like. I think I got everything that I needed to know.
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    Here is an article on Tom's Hardware with the performance ratings ^
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