Lost control of my HDD

Hello, I just installed windows 7 and now one of my hard drives wont let me do anything other then copy to it, it wont let me move files, I cant seem to find out how to fix it by changing admin stuff and a few other things, it wont let me arrange anythihg, all I can do is copy to it, i cant move anything,

anyone have any idea what might be going on?

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  1. Hi, try this with all your HDD.
  2. This is one of those really strange things that is occuring. It seems to always happen with the secondary partition, although this is the first time I have heard of it happen on a separate hard drive.

    It's an anomaly with Windows 7, for sure. I am attempting to find the steps to reproduce, but it's not clear what is the cause.

    Here are a few things that can help:

    1. Ensure you have the right permissions.
    2. Ensure you primary drive has a lots of room left (especially if the secondary drive is much larger).
    3. Empty out any temp files. use CCleaner or another solutions (www.ccleaner.com)
    4. Run a checkdisk on reboot. It will fix the MBT errors that occur and cause the write issue.
    5. Document your steps, so if you figure it out before I do, you can post it here (and everywhere else you can think of)

    Good luck. I have almost 500GB to worry about (C:35/D:430). It's not fun.

    Dang you M$!
  3. Awesome post thank you, I seemed to have fixed it by going into my folder options and changing the security thing that saint19 linked me to. Got it working, it seems to be all good :)

    I have another problem, windows update stopped working, I get a message that says "Windows could not search for new updates" Errors found code 8007002. I googled that error code number and I didn't get much help, I went into services and enabled, disabled, just messing around trying to fix it and it still does it, Also It told me to clean out my temp folder which I did... I am worried. I am recently recovering from a virus that I cleaned up, I installed the following programs "Advanced system care, Spybot, Malwarebytes anti malware, I had avg antivirus and it would detect it but malwarebytes did, so I uninstalled AVG and installed Avira which seemed to have found the file. BTW I lost control of the drive before all of this drama.

    Anyway I have spent prolly 50 hours customizing windows 7 64 bit to make it the way I like it, I have installed all of my pc games which is about 30 and I have them all patched, If I were to reinstall windows it would take a hundred freakin hours.. I am praying that I can fix this..

    I just started up windows and for no reason explorer.exe stopped responding by saying it was an appcrash, everything seems fine now, Im just worried..

    any help would be great. Any new programs that I should try to clean my system up?
  4. ^Ok, try THIS BUT in safe mode.

    Also download CCLEANER and Spyboot, run your antivirus in safe mode and also ccleaner and spyboot.
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