PC tries to wake up from sleep but can't!!

Hi folks,

I've recently purchased a new assembled high-end system running Win 7 Pro x64, and have come up with this strange problem: I put the PC to sleep, and can also wake it up using mouse/keyboard after short intervals. However, some times when I leave it to sleep for a long time (e.g., overnight), and then click on the mouse or use the keyboard, I hear the pc trying to wake up (the fan starts functioning, I hear the beep, etc.), but nothing appears on the screen, and then it turns off again, and after 2 seconds it again tries to wake up, and turns off again, and this just continues!! I'll then have to use the power button to turn it completely off, and then when I turn it back on, I see the Gigabyte motherboard logo, and then Windows just resumes, as if it's waking up from sleep!

I'm using a wireless USB Logitech Mouse/Keyboard combo, have installed all the latest drivers for them and for the LCD, checked that mouse/keyboard are enabled to wake the PC from sleep, checked the BIOS and S3 is enabled, and use almost all same software I used on my laptop before, except this PS3 Media Server which is new (I use it to stream videos on my HDTV). Any ideas this could be a software or hardware issue? It's getting really annoying!

Thanks a lot.
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  1. its seems to be a gigabyte issue with 1155 motherboards, my personal computer has speed step issues, my 2500k gets locked at 1.2ghz until restarted if there is any overclocking done upon resume from sleep, my parents htpc cant find the pci tv tuner after resume from sleep, but all my socket 775 and am2+ gigabyte boards were faultless, dunno hey.
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