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I have a Teac Sound System with intergrated dolby digital surround system. I connected that with my Terratec fun sound card with Optical cable. I can't get a dolby digital working on my dvds, just dolby pro logic... Is this got to do something with software I am using? I have win 98 se, and I tried with Nvdvd 2.27, but nothing... If somebody managed to get dolby digital surround on his computer, please leave some advice...
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  1. ok to my understanding you need to switch the audio in your dvd player to SPDIF rather than 2 channel audio.

    this way it "SHOULD" (i have never tried) send the audio undecoded to the sound system!!!!!

    hopefully that will work.

    also you can decode the sound through your computer if you purchase Dolby for powerdvd or windvd.

  2. I can hear a sound only then, when I select SPDIF output. Otherwise I can not hear any sound. Dolby digital doesnt work.
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