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Windows 7 x64 Screws Up after Successful BIOS Update

Dear all,

After I successfully updated my ASUS Rampage III Extreme BIOS (from the BIOS), I got booted into an older configuration of Windows 7.

I lost all my new files, and everything went back to what looks like an old restore point.

BIOS settings all look fine...

I run my 2 Intel X-25M SSDs in a RAID1 (Mirror) --> Before this issue, one of drives reported it failed, even though it was a fairly new SSD and has been used for only 1 year. I got a notification that the RAID got degraded- could that be a factor??

It really is quite a bad shock, so any help is appreciated :)
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    Problem SOLVED!

    In the BIOS, the drives were set to [IDE], not [RAID]

    Setting it back to RAID fixed the problem
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