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i want an athlon 2500 with radeon 9700 pro and nf7-s mobo in my comp but i want to know what case to get and psu to go with it and any coolers.
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  1. Sizable, quality PSU I would think. 350+ of a good name brand.

    Case....all down to personal preference, but airflow should be good.

    I can recommend the Antec 1080AMG with the 430W PSU. Very nice case indeed.

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  2. yeah thats not a bad case but i was wondering what you think of this case, Thermaltake Xaser III V1000D Super Tower it has 7 fans which would make it good for overclocking. A link for it is
  3. yeh, i was looking at this case too. Im actually looking for a silent tower case with good airflow. I have always been scared to use silent fans because the cfm is so low. Anyway, the case says its fitted with 7 silent fans, would you have any temp problems with that??

    Also, i really dont like the way the case is company branded with THERMALTAKE writen all over it.. argh
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