hercules gs dvd 5.1 problems..

Hi, read a few other posts about these cards and the PCI latency. The board I have at the minute in this pc is:

Kinetiz 7E/
Chipset: KT-133A
Windows XP Pro

Decided to get a new soundcard that I could use with the 5.1 speakers I have here. Decided to get the Hercules Gamesurround 5.1 DVD card seeing as there wasn't alot of choice in the shop.

Anyhow... got home and installed it, starting playing UT2K3 everything was fine, no cock ups, no staggering sound. I close back to the desktop and every single sound seems to be lagged (windows bleeps/msn/icq/mp3s).

I've tried to get newer drivers/installed the via 4in1's then tried apply the patch mentioned in another post and it didn't seem to work - Is there anything else I can try to fix it?

Oh, the sound was cocking up badly in Windows, msn, etc then I open UT2K3 and it's fine in game, come back out and it's messing up again, any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hrm, just opened enter the matrix and the sound in that was fine too and someone came online on msn and that sound also played fine..
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