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Some time ago I came across a website that displayed some simple system specs like the operating system, browser version, installed java version, screen resolution etc. I was great for when people called me with a computer problem because a shockingly high amount of people don't even know what os they're running. I've now gotten into webdesign and I'm having people test designs on their home computers. It would be really helpful if I knew what os, browser, screen resolution etc they had.

I stupidly did not write down the site when I saw it. Thanks.
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  1. MSinfo.exe can do that what you are asking. There are also third party tools too. (Belarc advisor)
  2. Unfortunately, besides the operating system, that doesn't tell me any of the info I need (browser, screen resolution, java version...).
  3. what you are asking is the proverbial needle in a haystack.

    quite a few sites run java that can provide that info. learning it yourself is a high curve but it can be done, given time.
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