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Need a few days of windows before disc gets here

Ordered my hardware from Newegg and my Win7 from a separate vendor. Newegg's shipping is fast. My hardware is sitting here waiting to be put together. I'm not exactly sure when the OS will get here. Is there a way to install windows for a short amount of time and then add the product key later? I guess I would have to have a copy on a disc somewhere?
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  1. yeah

    when you install windows you have 30 days to activate
  2. you could also use Linux...

    Ubuntu and Fedora are operating systems based on the Linux kernel. There are many operating systems that use the Linux kernel (sometimes these are called "Linux distros"). I recommend either Fedora 17 or Ubuntu 12.04.

    How to install Ubuntu 12.04

    How to install Fedora 17
  3. yeah just go to a torrent site and download a torrent of windows and make sure its the same as the one you bought. then when you get your windows key in the mail activate your windows.
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    Yes there is. You can download and install any version of Windows 7 for a 30 day period before you have to activate it. Microsoft makes the ISO files for Windows 7 publicly available at the following location:

    Please note that you must install the version of Windows that you ordered. If you do not, you will be unable to activate it once it arrives.
  5. Thanks for all the replies!
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