Action Center Security Pop Up

I've noticed the last couple days that the notification flag on the toolbar goes to "you have 1 issue."

It is always turn on windows security center. I go into the action center and turn the security back on but sometime in the near future I get the same message again and have to turn it back on.

I have scanned with 3 different virus programs and malewarbytes and nothing comes up.

Anyone have this problem?
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  1. Have you turned off UAC completely? Are you running your account as an admin? If UAC is turned off completely AND you are running as an admin, I would suggest turning UAC back on. That way, if something attempts to reset the security settings, you'll get notified first about it. Also, not running as admin means Windows 7 will prompt you for an admin password.

    This way, you can try to see if something else is turning it off.

    Also, check your event logs and check to see if something is crashing causing Windows Security to turn off.

    Does it say specifically what is not running in Windows Security (virus scanner, firewall, etc)?
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