When trying to save a bookmark I get a permission problem

Hi, if I try and save a bookmark in the desktop IE it will save if I just save it into 'Favorites". However if I try to save it into a folder I have created such as 'Guitar" I get the message "Unable to create <shortcut>" "Access is denied". If I save it into Favorites and then open Organize Favorites and move it into the Guitar folder (for example) it moves there fine. :sweat:
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  1. save it as administrator .
  2. I am using an administrator account and when you hit 'Add a favorite' a box appears with the URL and the option to 'create in'. If I try to create it in any folder I am denied permission. If I create it just in the Favorites list it works, but then I have to open organize favorites, highlight it and then hit Move and put it into a folder :pt1cable:

    If it is unclear, the folder I am trying to save it in is also in Favorites, it is just a way of organizing the favorites. I am not trying to save it to another folder 'outside' of IE.
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    the way i made it is to create your guitar file is to the add to favorite then in the new file creata on call guitar it will made a file below the othe link in the favorite and click the url to this file on the page you want the link to it work on my computer and i use ei 10 for win 7 .
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