Functions that benefit most in ramdisk

Am using a 1000MB ram drive on a 6GB Ram Win 7 system.

IE Temp file Cache, Tmp Caches in place and operational - Very impressive results.

TEMP variable points to R (Ram Drive) but cannot find any trace of TEMP activity. What have I overlooked?

Also what other cache intensive (like the above) non software specific functions can be placed in the Ram Drive?

One final question; How do I locate the C Drv Paging file on the R (Ram Drive) in a way such that it will be used for C Drv Page File Storage?

Can anyone advise or assist on the above?

Thanks - Keith
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  1. You do not want to put your pagefile on a RAMdisk. The pagefile has two purposes:

    first, it provides additional space for virtual memory addresses to be mapped which will reduce the chances that your computer will run out of memory. This allows the OS to move committed but barely used memory to the hard drive, thus freeing up physical memory.

    Second, it provides a non-volatile storage space for crash information. In the event of a BSOD or other system failure, relevant information will be written to the pagefile until it is cleared by doing a cleanup.

    Putting the pagefile on a RAMdisk violates both of these purposes

    If IE's temp file cache is bothering you, either get an SSD or use a lightweight browser such as Google Chrome
  2. Thanks for the response. Am running 240GB Corsair Force GT SSD and it is performing better than expected.

    Will be increasing the 6GB Ram to ???? probably 16Gb while I'm doing it. With this amount of Ram I would expect the paging file to become a moot point. The Page file accessable for Drv C located on the Ram drive is intended only as a "courtesy" Page file for those Drv C (and other future) Programs which insist on having a page file. Will set Min and Max size at 250MB which I think is the Minimum size pernitted.

    Am saving Ram Drive contents at shutdown and reading same at startup; Which are fairly rare occurences. Luckily (Knock on wood) I have not experienced the BSOD for many years that could not be easily salvaged with GoBack or Acronis Try & Decide or a Acronis Restore.

    It is easy to create a Page File on the R (Ram Drive) for use by the Ram Drive. How would I go about telling C Drv the R Drive paging file is for C Drv use?

    Also what other cache intensive tasks, if any, could I put on the Ram drive?

    This is all probably pretty simple but there is so much "computer stuff" I don't know it's really scary.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  3. I am not 100% sure that you are doing this for the right reasons. You could definitely find much better uses for a ramdisk.

    But if you know how to change the size of the page file then you basically already know how to do what you are asking.

    If you want to only have a pagefile on a ramdisk (or an SSD as a better option) just tell the OS to have "no page file" on the C: drive and chose a page file size for the drive that you want use for your page file.
  4. Thanks - Okay - I'll Set Drv C for no page file then create a 250mb Min & Max Size Page File on Drv R. Then I assume since there is no Page file on Drv C the Page File On Drv R will automatically be used by Drv C - If I understand correctly.

    I'm not sure I'm doing this for the right reason either - It's just an experiment.

    Could you elaborate on your reference to the much better uses for the Ram Drive?

    Once again - Thanks for the assistance!

  5. page file in a ramdisk :O ramception!

    Yo dawg I heard you like ram.... Thats all I got.

    Anywho, if you play minecraft I hear generating terrain is a huge improvement via ramdisk :)
  6. Rendering video to ramdisk FTW!
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