Grey lines appear on laptop screen window 7 ATI radeon 3200

suddenly the grey lines engulfed 2-3rd of the screen of my laptop.. I had replaced replaced window vista with window 7 .
Now i dnt know how to cope up this problem. im perplexed if any one of u can help me out of this
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  1. Hello,

    My name is Scott, I am with the Asus Customer Loyalty team.

    Are the lines there from the moment you turn the computer on or do they only show up after some specific event, like Windows starts loading?

    If they are there from the time you turn the computer on, then sorry to say your display panel needs to be replaced. If it only happens when some specific event occurs, then there's a decent possibility that it is linked to whatever is going on when the problem starts.
  2. It sounds like it could either be your screen or your graphics chip. The screen can be replaced but if the graphics chip probably can't. Does the lines appear when you first turn your laptop on or just when windows is loading?
  3. I have a brand new Sony Vaio with this problem - been searching the web for answers and it looks like it could be an issue with ATI Radeon Graphics on 64-bit Win 7 computers ... Aaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!
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