Virus or not?

Hello,I have a problem with sound playing on my computer. The sounds play whether I am on home screen or internet. I ave re installed windows 7, but audio still plays.
I thought the problem was solved but it has come back.It is like commercials are playing in the back ground. My laptop has turrets syndrome lol
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  1. You should download and run AVG free. It will tell you if you have a virus.

    I have no idea what is going on if this is happening even when you reinstall windows, that should remove all software issues such as viruses or malware. You should check your drivers as well.
  2. How do I check drivers.
  3. You're on a laptop so I would advise that you go to the manufacturer website and find the support menu. From there select the model that matches your laptop and install the necessary drivers provided on that page.
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