Sony,Nintendo, and FBI Hacked.

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  1. Nothing is truly safe if it is hooked to the Internet. If someone comes up with a new encryption/security method, someone will eventually crack it.
  2. ^ Why are all these hacks happening in the first place. All of a sudden, groups come out and begin an assault on many guys:

    Lockheed Martin
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation
    ect...for those I cannot recall.
  3. Because they can.
  4. Some are retaliations, actually most are, while some are as jsc said
  5. jsc said:
    Because they can.

  6. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    You know you can picture that 19-20 year old geek, sitting in his/her dorm room or mother's basement, surrounded by empty cans of Red Alert Mountain Dew, and pizza boxes; never felt a real tit before and is mad at the world over it.

    Genius yes, but way to much time on their hands.

    Get a Job losers! And move out of your mother's basement!

    Agreed. They should use their talents for something good- make some money or something- not for pointless retaliations that could get them into potential legal trouble.
  7. how about mercenary hacker against Iran, N.Kora, Russia, China, Venezuela, ect...

    CIA could use a couple of civilian Americans to do their dirty work.
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