Which Laptop for 3D Rendering and basic work??

i'm an architectural visualiser using 3d studio max and vray and i'm looking to purchase a laptop which can be used as part of a small render farm when needed and can be used to take out to meetings etc when i need to.

The laptop isn't really going to be used for any intensive work, a bit of web surfing, ( infrequently it may be used for autocad modelling / max scenes / photoshop etc but any real hi-end work will be undertaken on a proper workstation) but it is going to have to render some heavy scenes - my desktop render nodes are AMD Athlon x2 4800+ with 2GB RAM and i'd like it to roughly match these in rendering performance.

We have an account with cclcomputers ( www.cclcomputers.co.uk ), so this would be my perfered option to purchase from but its not a major requirement

I'm afraid i'm not a massive techy but i've picked out the Acer Aspire 5672WLMi and was wonder what you guys thought before i put in an order.

the spec is:

Intel Core Duo T2300
2048GB RAM
120GB H/D
256MB graphics card ATI

any comments as to this machines suitability for me would be most welcome, equally any other suggestions would be welcomed too! my price range has to roughly comparable to a desktop render node (under £1500)

Thanks in anticipation!!

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  1. 1,500 Euros is about $1,887.

    You can get a top of the line decked out Wakazachi which has
    15.4" Glossy Widescreen
    x1600 256 MB
    Core Duo T-2500 2.0 GHz
    2 Gigs Low Latency Ram
    100 Gig 7,200 rpm hard drive

    You might want to take a look at it. Your components would be better and more power to boot.
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