Yet another: What Laptop....?

After doing a bit of looking around for a new laptop, i have gotten the gist of what I want and I have come to the conclusion that it doesnt exist.

Basically, I want something portable with solid battery life and the ability to play Oblivion, Doom 3 and Doom 4 (if you get my meaning).

I have looked around and it just seems that every time i find something thats relatively small and has decent specs and battery life, the graphics card falls short.

Any suggestions? It seriously may not exist as it seems I'm looking for desktop replacement specs in a portable notebook but is there something close?

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  1. Talk to KillerNotebooks. He is very active in this forum, and I can safely say he offers some very nice sounding laptops for a very reasonable price. Here is the website:
    or PM him for more details. Good luck!
  2. I have actually seen his site and it is quite impressive. I am just a little hesitant about going that route simply because I can't find a review for Killer Notebooks. Google turned up nothing. Does anyone knows where I can find a few? I would kinda like something more detailed than ebay feedback.
  3. I have actually written emails to mobility guru, replied to his forum messages and gone so far as to taunt him, but can't get a reply.

    I would love to have a review. I would love to send a notebook to Tom himself and have him use it, but alas, I have not assembled the right combination of words to make this happen to date.

    You can email me though and ask me anything you want. I think what I need to do is have a place on the site that explains the computer industry. I will briefly say a couple things here.

    Alienware, DELL, Compaq, HP, Gateway, Falcon Northwest, Widow PC, VOODOO PC, Killer Notebooks... we don't manufacture the notebooks (and in their cases desktops). We all get them from the same place, they are identical.

    My "Assassin" is Alienware's "Elite Assassin" (since they blatently stole my name, but put Elite in front of it). Falcon Northwest Fragbook T-2 is my Interceptor. Many of DELL's computers are Quanta's.
  4. Hey KN, how easy/hard would it be to upgrade the Wakazachi's CPU to Merom in the future? In other words, how easy is it to dismantle the laptop??
  5. If you have the right screwdriver (which you can get at Home Depot for about $6) it is very simple. Probably a 20 minute job.

    You would need:
    Mini Screw Driver
    Cotton Swabs (or eqiv.)
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Arctic Silver 5
  6. What's your price range? Plus smaller Laptops don't have good vid cards.
  7. here is one of the few mobile GPU FPS comparisons I have found.,1871,s=1565&iid=123537,00.asp

    Doom 3
    Go 7800GTX: 92.3/101.3
    INtel Integrated gfx: 6.2
    MObile x1600: 56.7
    Go 6600: 63.5

    Splinter Cell: CT
    Go 7800GTX: 60/96.3
    INtel Integrated gfx: N/A
    MObile x1600: 59.4
    Go 6600: 32.2

    Its not perfect, those are from 1024x768 without all the bells and whistles turned on, but it gives you a general FPS comparison.
  8. See that's one thing, that all my PCMark and 3D Mark scores are at 1280 x 800 which is the WXGA resolution. The numbers would be higher if I turned down the testing resolution.
  9. yeah, I know, but I thought it was a good FPS comparison, the 7800 is alot better, but if you look at the scores from SCCT the x1600 is keeping up pretty well. The 7900gtx will allways beat out the x1600 but depending on the game that margin may not be that noticable.
  10. I wish there was something other than 3DMark 05 & 06 that would give you frame rates on all the gottest games. Maybe some program that had a snippet of each game in it like 3DMark does.
  11. about 2000 but I'll go higher for the right thing.
  12. How portable is portable?
    What exactly are you looking for?

    The Wakazachi is < 6lbs. 15.4"
  13. well i would like somethin under 6 or as darn close to it

    ps, sent ya an email with a little more description earlier
  14. That's about the weight of my 14'
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