Questions about Dell's Laptop reliability.

Hi! I'm looking to buy a new laptop (which will be my first one). There is currently quite a good deal for Dell's Inspiron 6400

The only thing I am a bit afraid is that I'm wondering if Dell's really reliable and if they make good laptops.

So could anyone please tell me if they can be trustable for a good laptop? I don't need a powerhouse, just a good laptop for university (yes my budget is limited) and maybe to play some "medium" games.

I also saw this one:

But I judged the Dell one is a better deal especially for the 1 gig of Ram

Anyother advices or recommandation of laptops I could buy? I know quite a bit about desktops, but I am a total newbie regarding the laptops!

Thanks a lot!
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  2. Now he knows what dell is good for.
  3. Hehehe at least I'll have a funny death 8O
  4. Buying a new latop. You want Widescreen. Plus Brightview or whatever they call it for the brand you choose. I bought a Compaq last July. 14' widescreen plus the brightview is what Compaq calls it. Great for viewing. What is your price range?
  5. I actually already bought it, I didn't have much feedback from this thread so I just went in for the Dell Inspiron 6400 which seems to be a nice machine at a decent price.

    I gotta say there was an article on Tom's Hardware (yeah I think it's on this site) about the editor for the mobile section buying it and being satisfied, along with a several good comments throughout the internet.

    The inspiron seems to have a Widescreen along with the True Life thing which gotta some kind of brightview :)

    Along with some options it cost my 1440 total.
  6. Wow, I thought I PM'd you with a notebook idea.

    How unfortunate.

    BOSS, when am I building this machine for you?
  7. Yeah that was unfortunate! didn't receive any pm! :cry:
  8. I'm waiting. To see what vista does. And if I need it. Would be nice IF Vista 64 bit would load in my Laptop.
  9. I have had some customers put the BETA on their machines and said that the drivers weren't there yet. He said he looked all over for AMD Cool and Quiet and couldn't find it and tried running it without it.
    The Turion ran at 2.2 GHz the entire time and got too hot.
  10. Looks like M$ needs to do a lot of work on vista 64 bit. I downloaded it again. It launches IE7 to open. I can't get the ISO to download to a blank CD.
  11. PM (or email me) your address and I will send you a bootable DVD.
  12. i have had six dells now and never had any problems with them i think they are great i use mine every day all day and they never seem to go wrong for me so i would recommend a dell to anyone that asks.
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