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Need a Gaming Laptop for CSS and other games

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June 20, 2006 7:13:52 AM

I have been looking for a good gaming notebook. I am going on vacation soon, and I would like to have it for my vacation. I want the laptop to be able to run counter strike source on high graphics. I dont care much about other games but if it runs css fine then Im fine. I would like some decent battery life but that isn't the most important thing. I have been looking at a lot of different laptops and I just need to choose. My budget is below 3,000 (mainly closer to 2,500).

Alienware- They have some good laptops. I have an alienware desktop that just broke (after 1 year). So Im kinda pissed off and wanna try a different company. Also I wouldn't get their laptop until after my vacation and they are heavy, low battery life, and hot.

Falcon Northwest- These seem like really cool computers. I've been looking at the TL-2 fragbook. Im not sure if the specs are high enough for the price though. It is rather expensive. These take 4 weeks to ship so I wouldn't get it in time either. I really like how they look though, and you can get a custom paint job.

KillerNotebooks- These seem really good. I haven't seen any reviews of them as of yet though. Do you have some sort of guarantee or something? I just don't want to risk paying a lot and my computer not working. Pretty much just looking for assurance.

Dell XPS- Main thing are the good reviews and fast shipping, but Im not interested in the duo core processor because I hear it is bad for counter strike (is this true?) and doesn't really help gaming (also true?).

I would love help and people's experiences with these different companies. The faster the shipping, the better. It would really be a plus to get the laptop in time for my trip (3-5 days away). But if it's just ultimately better than I will wait.

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June 20, 2006 4:18:54 PM

That Falcon Northwest Fragbook TL-2 is my Interceptor model. It is the exact same, and it is not worth anywhere near what they are asking for it... it has an x700 128 MB for Pete sake, I don't know what they are thinking. You can save yourself WELL over a grand with the Interceptor, in fact, if you want to save even more, I bet I could contact some of my old clients and they would sell you theirs for a song so they could upgrade to the Eliminator.

For the amount of money F/N is asking you can get the Executioner which would just walk away from that Fragbook. It wouldn't even be a challenge.

x700 128 MB vs. 7900 GTX 256 MB
15.4" WXGA vs. 17" SXGA+
VGA Output vs. DVI Output
PCMCIA vs. Expresscard Slot
Totally Crap Keyboard vs. Totally sweet keyborad
Is like a termite vs. a chainsaw.

I'll tell you, my editor's choice is the Wakazachi. The system is just awesome. I could have any of them I wanted and I even built an Executioner for myself, but it was too heavy for me. Not physically, I mean I could pick the thing up, I'm not a smurf; But I am a more mobile person and I want to be able to grab it with one hand and go. An x1600 256 MB is enough graphics power for me, but many people want the 17" and 7900 GTX, if you have to have it, you have to have it.

I have a pretty powerful desktop, but it still only has a 6800 GS video card. When I set my Executioner down next to it, the Executioner looked over at my desktop and just said, "You suck." So there was all this internal drama in the office and I eventually had to get rid of it for the sake of harmony.
June 20, 2006 7:24:19 PM

I would love a laptop in time for my vacation, how fast can you ship it killernotebooks? Also I have been looking at your specs and I gotta admit they are good. I'm still deciding between the Wakizachi(sp?) and the executioner. I just have to think about the heaviness and battery life and all that. Is their a major difference between their gameplay on a game like counter strike source? (I play in leagues so I care a lot about how well it runs). Thanks for the help, also do you laptops have good wireless connectivity?
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June 20, 2006 8:33:41 PM

Most sytems can ship in 6 days at the most, usually 5.
I have an extra Wakazachi ariving to me on Thursday that isn't allocated yet. So conceivably you would have it next Thursday even if you live on the west coast (which takes the longest to ship to 4 days).

The gameplay difference between the two:
CPU-wise; the same as they are the same CPU & chipset.
As far as graphics, the 7900 GTX is going to be far more performance (pretty insane for a laptop), here is a graph, and you can also check out my mobile GPU comparison page. For more info.

June 20, 2006 8:59:18 PM

I sent you a comment on your website so you can just ignore that one now. So for a game like cs:source the 7900 GTX would be better? and that is in the 17" executioner, correct? I do like the portability of the Wakazachi, would it be able to run counter strike source on full graphics If I choose the upgraded 2.16 ghz on your website? Also, I will be on the east coast by the time it is shipped, so I would just have it deliered there.
June 20, 2006 9:42:20 PM

So for a game like cs:source the 7900 GTX would be better?
That is in the 17" executioner (witht the 7900 GTX) ?
I do like the portability of the Wakazachi, would it be able to run counter strike source on full graphics If I choose the upgraded 2.16 ghz on your website?
I do not have a copy of this game, but a quick search of the web would lead me to believe that the faster the video card the better, and that a 2.13 would not make up the difference in the video card power. So I would have to recommend the Executioner even though it is bigger. The portability is a major factor for me, but if you want the MAX frame rates you gotta go large.
I will be on the east coast by the time it is shipped, so I would just have it deliered there.
No problem. The Executioner is like Marine Force RECON, it can be anywhere in the world withing 10 days.
June 20, 2006 10:23:34 PM

If I really need the laptop as soon as possible, how fast can I get the executioner shipped to like, New York? Would the Wakazachi be faster?
June 20, 2006 11:32:13 PM

Well with overnight shipping both ways you are looking at Friday, but that is going to be EXpenSIVE!