Really weird graphical glitch in windows photo viewer

So I was just messing around looking at photos when I maximized Windows Photo Viewer and got a really weird graphical glitch at the bottom that I've never seen before. All of the buttons are invisible but then reappear once I hover over them.

Has me really worried that either there is a hardware failure about to happen or I have some really weird virus/malware.

Any ideas what this could be caused from?

That second image shows what happens after I have hovered over the buttons.

Please any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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  2. look like graphic corruption to me,

    must be video card,

    When you reboot or go to windows desktop is it still like that?

    What's your computer specs ?
  3. it an issue with areo and the program..there a lot of fixes out there if you google them the easy fix is to make the photo prgram the main window when full screen so areo gets turned off.
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