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Hello I had a question about hard drive noise currently I am running a 40Gig Seagate Barracuda IV at 7200rpm and all of a sudden after about a year of use I now get a high frequency noise emmiting from the hard drive which is driving me nuts. Is there any way to fix this? Are there any other hard drives that dont do this. Any suggestions at all?

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  1. The 'cuda is one of the quietest hard drives around. Well, if the noise of your drive is loud, I guess it's time you have it checked and serviced.
  2. Any "new" noise coming from hdd means probably failure.
    Backup data and then try to service it.
    What about the waranty period ? It is a three years or only one years drive ?

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  3. Indeed. 'Cuda's are known for their quiet running.
    High pitched whines is a sign that the motor/bearings are failing.

    Backup your data ASAP and see if the drive is still covered by its warantee. If so, RMA it.
    If not, tough luck and get a new one.

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