Why cant i download anything on my computer

i get partial downloads on my pc, tried three difrent browsers same thing. intrestingly enough my i phone is doing the same thing with an app download. i have done systems restore, scaned with malware scanner and tried no add ons, tried starting in safe mode (f8) but it wont do it.
I cant do a speed test as I have lost flash player due to systems restore, but my bt vision is working and assume my broadband speed is ok.
I would be so greatfull for help please
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  1. Could there be something wrong with your internet access, not your computer?
  2. Thanks for the reply, do you mean my internet provider or the bt hub.
  3. Not sure. but when you say you have the same problem on the iPhone, I wondered - are you using the iPhone with Wifi? If so, does it succeed in downloading when you are using 4G data away from home?

    Yes to both of those questions would indicate a problem with your Internet. Don't know if it's the service, the router, the Wifi.... Is the PC attached via wire or Wifi? Again, the answer being "Wifi" would be a clue.
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