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I have laptop with one of the windows OS on it and want to transferr OS and all the file to it,problem is i do not have the cd or product key, so i may be able to transfer all the file but how can i transfer the OS and have never paritioned a hard drive either. i have seen the r alot of gatgets out their and on ebay thay sys all u have to do is plug it in to the laptops usb , and plug the new hard drive to the cloner and just transfer all files,, but it says nothing about transferring the OS or MS office 2010 or any thing with product codes so is the any product on the market to transfer everything to new hard drive same speed just from 89GB to 350GB,, Thank you for your time rcbaker72744
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  1. cloning the drive will transfer everything that is on the original drive to the new one
  2. I would be careful when cloning hard drives, it can cause problems with the files and maybe even the OS, here is a link to a piece of software that will tell you everything about your computer and even your product key.


    here are the direct download links to almost all of the versions of windows 7, all you have to do is download the right version and burn it to a disk with more than 3GB's of space on it, then just unplug your old hard drive plug in the new one and do a clean install of windows 7.


    hope this helps
  3. To add to that does your new hard drive come with any software? If so might include to copy/clone 1:1. Like was previously stated you can clone your current drive to your new drive with various software out there. Just a suggestion could use the following: or as both are free to use. There are plenty more apps to try besides these just suggestions.
  4. I have cloned thousands of drives throughout the years and NEVER had an issue with files and OS. That is the entire purpose of cloning, it does a sector by sector copy.
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