In Explorer No Longer able to "Open With" Multiple Files

I can no longer "Open With" (Program X) multiple files, as in the option doesn't even exist when you right-click a file. I noticed when I was clicking several jpgs to open in Photoshop, where my default viewer is Google's Picasa (for ease of viewing and convenience). The strange thing is that I can still "Open With" individual files. I thought maybe it was just a Photoshop goof but it applies to Mp3s/Winamp and AVIs as well. This is very inconvenient! Any help or solutions is much appreciated!
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  1. hold shift as you right click.
  2. assuming you're running XP. Vista and 7 both have open with built in. If this doesn't help you may have to disassociate the file types, which you can do by clicking start>default programs
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