Changed the letter of my boot drive and wont boot

I recently built my computer and installed a ssd and a hdd, the OS is on the ssd which is the c drive but since it is smaller than the hdd I tried to change the letters around and make the hdd the c drive using regedit because the default install location seems to be the c drive and after restarting the computer it boots up and says preparing your desktop then goes to a blue screen with just the cursor. I tried booting in safe mode and all I get there is a black screen also please belp me fix this..Thanks!

I tried using the windows 7 disk and for some reason when I hit repair it says it is not compatible with this version.
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  1. you should restore back your sdd as c drive so system could boot, always boot with the drive that got the os
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    reinstall windows with only the SSD attached.

    do not edit the registry.

    read guides on how to change the default installation drive so this doesn't happen again.
  3. How to do restore it back to the c drive if I can't get on the desktop
  4. then use looniam answer reformat the sdd
  5. If anyone could tell me how to reformat it without being able to get on my desktop that would he great
  6. try:

    physically removing all hard drives - except your ssd (boot drive).

    presuming you installed windows from an optical drive (dvd/bd), insert windows installation disc and restart and reinstall from the windows disc.

    if this does not work, enter bios and change boot order - making your optical drive first in the order of listed alternative boot drives.

    after windows is again running from your ssd, reinstall and reformat other hard drives, as needed.

    should work.
  7. reinstall windows with only the SSD attached < like looniam stated this is a must to be successful.
  8. Nvm guys all I had to do was click a restore point before when I changed he registry I did not think it would be this simple. Thanks for the quick replays though.
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