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In a world where street corners are inundated with iPod-toting twenty-somethings, city buses have become PSP clubs, and every airplane is a second home to dozens of PMPs, the original digital handheld, the PDA, still reigns supreme. That's because, with the right software, you can add the functionality of virtually any portable device to your PDA.

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  1. Hi.
    The software is good, like in the article!
    I also like the PDF viewers and the Mapping software (Even without GPS, this works well). The MSN messenger & bluetooth keyboard really helps me work away (far away!) from the office.
    It seems software is good enough for a PDA to be any type of portable device. The PDA can also be cell phones and have a browser, media player, camera, etc.

    There is also a free "not supported anymore" eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0 which is a really good environment for making simple custom apps. (Like the apps described in the article). Or the Visual Studio Team 2005 which is good for making enterprise apps.

    But for PDAs to replace media devices, the PDA MUST have a 1.8" drive.
    What good is a large madia colllection, many office files, if you can only access 1gb of storage? What good is MediaPlayer10 with a VGA screen and high-quality video if the PDA runs out of storage?
    Until CF/SD drives reach 20+gig, I never see PDAs replacing harddrive MP3/PMP players.

    I will also want to see DX8+ video on PDAs, then PDAs can also be a real PSP killer!
    For software PDA Apps, I hope to see a good language sentence translator. These exist for Windows (Even Windows 3.1). But nothing for PDAs. All I find is a dictionary translator.

    THG: I think there is progress in these areas. Maybe in Windows Mobile 2006? Please report them as they happen.
  2. To add to that list I would include:

    TomTom Navigator 5

    In my opinion, this is the most user-friendly and polished GPS navigation software available. A little pricey though.

    LogMeIn - Free Remote administation software

    The free version allows you to fully control your computer from where ever you are as long as you have an internet connection on your PDA. Your PDA's screen becomes your computer's desktop and it allows you to control the mouse, type commands, run programs, check emails etc. just as if you were sitting in front of your PC. The Pro version adds file transfers but will cost you.

    Avvenu - Free remote file access software

    Enables you to download any file from your PC's hard drive to your Pocket PC from whereever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

    Skype for Pocket PC - Voice over IP software (VoIP)

    Personally, my Cingular 8125 has a phone built in but for PDA's users that do not... Skype allows you to make phone calls from your Pocket PC to both other Skype users and even dial REGULAR phone numbers as long as you have a WiFi connection. The software is free but you may need to purchase some Skypeout credits. (???) The PC version of skype is allowing free SkypeOut calls until the end of the year.
  3. For $115 you could get those 5 programs OR you could fork another $185 and get 125 more programs that are pretty much among the best in PPC land. The only title either not included nor has a similar app is that travel one.

    It's true that of the 130+ apps in this bundle, many are competing duplicates, such as Pocket Informant and Agenda Fusion, but hey, at least you can own em both and choose which you like. There are some apps that you may not even use. Oh well. Even if you only use $800 of the $3,000+, you'd still be way ahead. Buy yourself a BlueTooth GPS, a high capacity card, and you truly will be able to do almost everything!

    Best of all, these programs are the nominees and winners for the best PPC software in the business. Not all, but most of these companies chosen for the honors contribute in the program. You simply will not find a bigger discount for legitimate programs on any platform.

    Google Best of Everything CD 2006 and be glad you didn't pay full price for software you've always wanted. What you can't find in this bundle, you can probably find as a nice freeware.

    If you wait for next year's release, they have been offering an early bird discount with another $50 off.
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