A fiesta with VISTA with the KillerNotebooks Wakizachi


Vista Beta 2 installed last night on a Wakizachi. One word... WOW!

Visually, this OS is awesome. No problems with drivers at all as far as working, although Vista is telling me my performance is suffering due to driver updates that are needed (because I am using XP variants). Right now, I am not worried about it. I am just glad everything functions as it should without ANY hassles!

Couple things: Vista includes a "performance utility" that you can see the things that are slowing your computer down. It said for me that the drivers were slowing down windows and effecting my score. I wanted to point out a few of the ratings here (in this image):
* T2500 2.0 Ghz Core Duo receives the highest 5 / 5 rating, ok that's fine.
* 2.0 GB memory recevies a 4.4 rating, that should tell you how much of a pig this OS is.
* 100 Gig 7,200 rpm hard drive receives a 3.6 rating? Ok, it is only the largest 7,200 rpm notebook drive you can get! I understand this is just a dumb calculation, but it is my worst score!
* x1600 GPU receives a 4.0 out of 5. Wow, what a GPU hog! Should show you why integrated graphics machines are being blown out at bargain basement prices.
* 256 Video Graphic Memory only receives a 4.6 rating also! Wow! (see note above)

Interestingly enough, this produces a performance rating of 3? I guess the driver issue is bringing me down more than I though. Obviously it isn't geared toward notebooks, but since people can think outside of Microsofts silly algorithm, you can see that the Wakizachi is 100% Vista Aero ready!

I like the new updates, and can't wait until it's out. I would be interested to know a pricing model for Vista though. I have read $99, which is pretty reasonable I think. More than that is just lining MS's already fat pockets.

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  1. The Ultimate is $499 for what I've heard. It's supposed to be the best for gaming. But that's alot of $$$$$$ Nice to see it works on your Laptop. It is a resource hog. From what I've heard.
  2. $499!!!

    Hey, I wonder why hackers pirate the OS? I mean I really can't figure it out. This is such a mystery.

    Hard to feel sorry for these guys with yaghts with 2 helicopters and a mini-submarine on them when they do get pirated when they are just ripping people off wholesale! Well, maybe prices like that will get the Linux movement in gear and optimize that more for gamers. The world needs an alternative to being ripped off! Sun Open Office 2.0 baby, just as good as MS and FREE!

    I am SURE AS HELL not spending $499 on an OS when I can spend $499 on a freaking Sony PS3!!! Cheese! These guys never learn!

  3. Well the real kicker is. XP home for $299. It's 5 years old. Should be for $50. Micro$$$$$
  4. Now now, Bill needs that money to make sure that his children go to college. Or buy one....

  5. I forgot about him buying one for the kids.
  6. What I don't get is the OS he stole everything from to begin with... OS X is $99.

    Why do they thing anyone is going to pay $499 for an OS? It's crazy talk.
  7. When M$$$$ offers 7 flavors or whatever. The bottom Vista which is basic nothing much. $99. To Ultimate for $499.
  8. Have had a chance to use the $499 Vista Aero Ultimate Interface for about a week, and my first impressions was, "It looks really cool".

    Now that I have had it for a while, I feel securitied to death. Every cotten pickin' thing the OS stops and asks you if it's safe. I'm sure you can turn it off, but like all Microsfot products... where? See, we have to change all the crap around too to make it better. So now you have to crawl around to find everything all over again.

    What you ask is all this security about? More importantly, what does it do? We all got the imfamous service pack 2 update, with all the added "security features", that we all turned off because it was so annoying, and blocked only stuff that we wanted to see, and did little to combat other problems from malicous jerks out there trying to hijack systems with spyware, malware, howare and whatever else.

    Imagine that, but with everything. Yea, every part of the OS. Hold the presses, you want to connect to a wireless network, "Oh my God is this safe user, tell me please or we can't do anything with the OS", want to install a freaking game? "Is this ok? I need to stop everything in the system now because you are running an install from a CD", oh by the way, since you put that CD in, let me stop the OS altogether again and "Should I really run autorun on this CD, is it safe mr user." "Oh mr. user, aren't I a good operating system, I blocked the nasty pop up from freaking Yahoo games site. Like MS can't have 1 technician take 1 day figure out the 100 sites that are safe and we know it." How about when I am playing a game, and close it, and the OS has to freak out and say the game stoped responding, even though I just closed it." ANNOYING!

    The OS itself, Aero Glass... not at all akin to MAC Aqua, oh wait, I mean, exactly like it, and by exactly, I mean stolen all the way down to the freaking play on an element name.

    MAC's is not water... it's AQUA. "How do we steal pretty much all of that idea?"
    "Oh I know, let's call ours GLASS."
    "Not enough, we have to have it something like an element, that's what Apple has."
    "How about, Air?"
    "Yea, I like that, but we can't call it air... what's MAC's called again?"
    "Oh ok, I see; how about... AERO."
    "Yea, AERO, that's good. WHat's the MAC OS cost? $125? Oh we can't do that. We only have the economy of scale of 90% of EVERY computer in the world... how about $99 for the crappy version, but then we can have a "good version" for $499."
    "I like it. But I have even a better idea... Let's integrate the OS into every freaking thing in the world. THe browser, the CD burning, the television, the spyware, the security. Then when we drive everyone out of business and are the only game in town, we can charge whatever we want for the OS."
    "Splended my good man. Have you been on my 300 foot long yaght wih the 2 ski boats, 2 helicopter pads, and the mini-sub?"
    "Not yet sir, we're busy deciding how the knaves are going to afford $499 for an OS, we are working on a financing plan."
    "Jolly good, and add more security to the thing while you're at it."

    Microsoft has stolen every last part of the MAC OS visually, and mated it to the most complex and confusing overbearing security system known to man. The theft is complete, save for the one element that was bolted down and couldn't be carried off in the night. Yes, Microsoft was unable to steal the simplicity.
  9. I gave that Vista logo some bling.
  10. Thanks for the update on Aero. Looks like I'll be keeping 2000Pro. On my main PC for awhile. Anyone tell M$$$ that to much security is no good.
  11. I think the majority of people will stick to XP or just buy store boxes and fix them to their liking. MUCH cheaper. Ya figure you can get a retail copy of XP pro (can do anything with according to Microsux) for what 299? or you can buy a XP pro box at a local best buy for what 700$? Why not just buy the box and upgrade what you can. Allot cheaper if you ask me. Although i truly hate stripping store boxes down.
  12. That's a real good point.

    Those guys that do themes with "Window Blinds" and the other skinning programs are really talented.

    I just looked it up, check this out: Clear XP skin.

    Here's a couple more:
    Royle Vista WB
    Aero Vista XP

    That to me looks pretty cool, it's pretty much Vista's look give or take. The ONLY thing I can see is, for 32 bit you are 150% right. What's the point of upgrading at that price? 64 bit, again, the price is ridiculous, but I am thinking that is why MicroStiff all but ceased development of XP Pro. They didn't want a viable alternative.

    The other point that MS has going for them is that DX10. It supposedly can't be run on XP.
  13. No DX10 for XP? Nice way to force people to Vista. Who need DX10 for gaming.
  14. Well that is what they have always done. They love to nickle and dime you. I beleive in making a dollar for what you have to offer but these guys take it to the extreme. Take for example the stupid guinuine advantage. What a crock of crap that is. I mean you make how much money and you are that worried about piracy? GIMME A BREAK!!! All to make what and extra million?? It has just gone too far.
  15. Do you know that the Genuine Windows advantage tool automatically contacts MS and sends user information to them without your consent or knowledge?
  16. What else is new with them.
  17. Why do they have to be that way though?

    What ever happened to this fun lovin' kid?
    Little Willie Gates busted after a trafic stop.

  18. Wow, who will actually spend $499 for the full retail package when you can probably get the OEM version for at least half off newegg when they release it.

    Anyway, i wouldnt trust the Vista rating scale. I also got the same over all score of 3 when running on lower performing hardware and half the ram.
    (1.83Ghz Core Duo, 1GB of DDR2 Ram, 256 MB Radeon 1400X with freakin hypermemory, 60GB 5400rpm HD).

    I have yet to try Vista Beta 2 on my old ass AMD Box thats going on 7 next month, the last build I tried was the last CTP build before the public release of Beta 2.
  19. Looks like he wants to control everyone who uses his OS.
  20. It gave my work desktop a 3
    P D805 stock
    2G of ram(only non crap part)
    40 GB HD
    Intel Extreme integrated gfx 950(384Mb of system mem)
  21. Quote:
    Do you know that the Genuine Windows advantage tool automatically contacts MS and sends user information to them without your consent or knowledge?

    No I did not know that but you know what... they can kma anyhow. I really do not care for microsoft too bad that you pretty much HAVE to use it in todays world.
  22. Quote:
    Wow, who will actually spend $499 for the full retail package when you can probably get the OEM version for at least half off newegg when they release it.

    The problem with that though is they still got you buy the balls there too. If you buy a OEM and your MOBO frys or whatnot you ust wasted your moey becuase OEM is specific to that machine compared to buying retail when they will let you transfer the license. Plain and simple Microsoft is getting worse and worse. Large corporations is pretty much what they want, they can care less about the little guy.
  23. Yea, on the Windows update site it is under "high priority" updates, yet it offers no benefit whatsoever except to phone home to MS and report your personal info.

    MS Phone home
  24. I wanted to post a follow up to what a memory HOG this thing is. I know it is BETA software, but to give you an idea, in the picture you will see in the top right corner a widget that looks like a tachometer on a car.

    The larger one is the CPU, it is at 0%
    The smaller one is the memory coocking in at 26% - that's 26% of 2 Gigs BTW to run a couple widgets, have 1 system window open, open the START menu and ue a screen capture utility called Snag It.

    520 MB for that? It seems like a lot.
  25. Seriously!! Ya figure that XP does not run to smoothly withough 368 MB of ram. Now you take all this new junk added to vista and it really will not run smoothly withought 512MB even after they fix everything with it. Now I know most machines nowadays come with or people put in as much ram but considering that do we really want to purchase 4 gigs of ram??

    Take a ratio of 2 years ago a general machine could run smooth on 256MB and most people would load up on a gig or 2 of ram so it would be 1:4 or 1:8

    Now take that and double it and most people will be putting 4 gigs in there boxes. Just went computers were down in price.... they go right back up. Yay microsux!!! I am serisouly thinking of going back to Red Hat. I have not used it since I bought it years ago but atleast it was not a hog or infringes on your privacy. Plus I dont have to install a freaking security update every 5 days.
  26. Have you ever tried Linspire?

  27. How is the administration? My biggest problem with Linux is I do not know any Unix. I am quite knowledgable about microsoft products and administration is easy through the command line.

    Pretty much like the perks that XPpro has compared to something like XP-Home. more administration can be done. I basically have been living in the Microsux cave my whole life.
  28. Also, what about software compatibility? Such as Outlook? Do I have to use a special mail client?
  29. I am in the same boat as you.

    As far as answering about Linux, I have a book for Dummies and that's about it.

    I know of Linspire, I have seen it, actually have it, but haven't instaled it and played with it at all.
  30. Can you get it open source?
  31. I believe the pay version is just if you want the internet update option. Kind of like XP how you can log into the internet site and get updates, but it is on all the open source stuff.
  32. Great, I remember when I got Red Hat that the differeence was Instructions on how to use. Open source did not come with them or support but the retail came with support and instructions.
  33. I tried Mandrake Linux and I was really happy with how easy it was. The install waws fast and no problems at all. It pretty much took care of everything.
  34. I have used Mandrake (didnt care for it) Red Hat (Liked it) and Knopix (liked it). THey all ran well but I had issues installing Mandrake with all the disk partitioning and such.
  35. Now the next step.

    T7400 Core 2 Duo 2.16 on the Executioner with Vista 64 bit Beta OS.
    [just oozing for punishment]

  36. With a 7900GT? To bad no X1800s or X1900s.
  37. Quote:
    Now the next step.

    T7400 Core 2 Duo 2.16 on the Executioner with Vista 64 bit Beta OS.
    [just oozing for punishment]


    Now that sounds promising.
  38. No 7900 GTX 512 MB

    You are pumped on that x1800. Here is the x1800 XT vs. the 256MB version of the 7900 GTX
  39. If you want to try Linux, get something like PCLinuxOS, it's very easy to use, install is a snap, I'm still playing with differing Linux Distros but this one was as easy to use or easier than Windows.
  40. I really like the idea of Linux... I just need more time to monkey around with all the stuff I want.
  41. I would have switched already if it wasn't for my games...
  42. Quote:
    I would have switched already if it wasn't for my games...

    I would have switched too if I knew how to administer it. 8)

    I have a whole network of computers,NAS and a network printer with XBOX and Playstation on it too, so I dont want to deal with not being able to network them or the hastle of it anyhow.
  43. Quote:
    I would have switched already if it wasn't for my games...

    I think if I was in charge of spearheading Linux acceptance I would take a look at one of Microstiff's biggest fears... there Office Suite falling from grace.

    Start small, I wouldn't try to go for the O.S. market wholesale, I would really pump up their Open Office 2.0 software as an alternative to MS Office.

    First with a national Ad campaign just like MAC has done that points out that Sun Open Office 2.0 is 100% compatible with MS Office. My tag line would be, “Free - This makes sense!” or “Free... Simple and Indestructible.”

    Taking a page out of Apple's book I would hit all the schools and start it at a grassroots level and get this software in the schools.

    Simultaneously I would go for the corporate marketplace and hammer them with how much it costs to license MS Office. Weasel into corporate at the desktop level and you have laid a very treacherous minefield for MS. This needs to be supported by corporate training classes in Sun Open Office. This is where they can recoup some of the "free" software costs. Businesses have training budgets completely independent from software budgets in most cases. If they need Office training it is budgeted no matter who's suite it is.

    Then look at the gamers, who tend to be the early innovators and least resistant to change. Linux HAS to be a viable gaming platform... period. They have to get these developers writing for Linux. Without it, it just just isn't going to happen.

    With a 3 pronged approach to the “problem” of Microsoft being in control of every cotton picken' part of your computing life (and the future) headway can be made. To just have them talk about it as an “alternative” does little to entice anyone. Do you get more chicks in an alternative fuel vehicle or a Lambo? To be a Lamborghini they need to have the flash for the gamers and the BASE of the schools and corporate. The rest will take care of itself.

    Imagine a kid that comes home from school and says, “[Parent], I learned this on the computer today. Can we do it here?” and the first things that come to that parents mind are:
    3.Time it will take them to do it
    Then that kid has a business card (distributed by the thousands with the software to the school) with a download site and it's FREE with the instructions of
    2.Run setup.exe
    Time to install - 7 minutes
    Technical proficiency level required: LOW

    Now imagine that same child's parent has come home from work and after installing Open Office says, “Hey, this is the same thing we have at work.”

    What just happened? We had a very simple strategy implemented that just cost MS 2 licenses and 3 people. More importantly the future generation “Doesn't NEED Microstiff.”

    For more answers to the worlds problems go to www.KillerNotebooks.com
  44. Great point. The issue is the 100% compatibility. You MUST have that or it will never have the chance.
  45. I found this Sun Times article on Vista pricing.

    Vista to sell for $100 to $399

    Microsoft Corp. is selling its new Windows Vista operating system for $100 to $399 and will make the program available on Jan. 30, according to Amazon.com Inc.'s Web site. Amazon, which is already taking orders for Vista, lists the price for Vista Ultimate, the most expensive retail product, at $399 for a full version and $259 for an upgrade. Vista Business costs $299 for a full version and $199 for an upgrade. An upgrade to the software's most basic home version costs $100. Microsoft declined to confirm the prices.

    I still can't believe they are going to ask $399 for this O.S.!
  46. And idiots will buy it. Why??? Who knows... I will just stick to XP, it works fine and there is NO need to upgrade.
  47. They do have the DX-10 trump card for most gamers. IF it is "all that".

    I'm like you (and 99% of the gamers out there I'm sure),,,
    I'll wait until there is a box of cracker jack with it. :wink:
  48. Well then that really doesn't help me since I am not a gamer. :?

    Really there is no need at all for me to upgrade, Plus with all the stupid piracy crap that they will have with it I will most likely not even be able to try it out. AND I do not want to spend the 200$ to upgrade my Vid Card.
  49. They know that hardcore gamers what the best.
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