Uninstall Virtual CD Drive Created By MagicDisk

Hey guys, I have a small problem with my cd drives.

I installed MagicDisk awhile back because I was trying to mount a copy of memtest. Anyways, I ended up uninstalling MagicDisk, but the virtual cd-rom drive it created stayed behind.

So, I went to device manager and uninstalled it, and thought I had solved the problem.

However, every time my computer either boots or even wakes up from sleep mode, windows automatically reinstalls the drivers and re-enables the virtual cd-rom drive.

Does anyone know where to find the registry files I have to delete to tell my windows installation that I don't want that drive anymore?

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    Reinstall MagicDisk. Then unninstall it with Revo Uninstaller with Advanced Mode. Check the BOLD registry entries and delete them.

    Good Luck!
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  3. It worked. Thanks. :)
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