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Am I the only one out there that thinks Micron/Crucial memory is the absolute most stable best performance for you buck memory out there? Just wanted to know...

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  1. The stuff works for me.

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  2. I agree, I've been in love with Crucial for some time now. They've been outsourcing to Samsung recently, though. I know, because I got one. E-mailed them a couple of times and they admitted from time to time that they hire outside sources to manufacture their memory. I've had no trouble with it, though. I've had some good luck with Geil so far, too (cross my fingers).
  3. Since this thread is full of micron gurus.. do micron chips have an mT symbol on them? I am trying identify oem memory that came with my board...which died this week taking my mem with it or vica versa
  4. Yes.

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