so i just installed a LEGAL version of windows 7 HP x64 oem (i did have ultimate illegal for a few months) it was working fine for a week or so and then occasionally it would freeze 'desktop first and then a few seconds later the mouse would stop moving'.

i can boot into safe mode without a problem that's how im posting this.

when i had ultimate it worked fine and didn't freeze but i have upgraded the cpu and mobo.

asrock n68c ucc with phenom x3 720 be @2.8ghz

gigabyte ma-ga790xt ud4p with phenom x4 955 be @ 3.2ghz

the asrock only used a 4 pin cpu lead but the 790xt uses a 8pin cpu lead so i made a 4pin and 1molex to 8pin, i even had this when i had ultimate and didn't have a problem.

a few things it could be ram or psu

i have 4gb ddr3 1333hz ram and 2gb ddr3 1060hz ram and i dono if that would be an issue as it hasn't before and the other could be a cheap psu alpine 550W and i have a 2 fans on a speed controller using 1 molex a temp gauge using another molex a another molex for a hdd (not an ssd) and 1 more for the CD-Rom DVD-Rom drive, im thinking its not psu issue because if it was it would freeze in safe mode and i have disabled all the start-up programs and still froze.

any help would be awesome.

one other thing im going to be purchasing a Novatech PowerStation Black Edition 750W Silent ATX2 Modular Power Supply because i have had a novatech psu on the past and it lasted 8 years

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  1. since you can boot in safe mode and get online, it is definitely something running in normal mode. I would run msconfig and go to starup and disable all, then under services, hide all microsoft then disable all.
  2. actually its still illegal to use an HP oem windows license on a non HP computer...
  3. OEM just for the comp/hardware that came with it....

    As i know the license is not valid if u insert it in new machine....
  4. You need to do a new install and not just upgrade to the "legal" version.
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