Good USB 2.0 Hub???

The USB 2.0 hubs I have tried seem to really degrade the performance of the attached USB devices even when all devices are USB 2.0 devices. This site had an article on this back in 2003 ( but the "good" hub they reviewed never came to market as far as I can tell. Does anyone know of a good USB 2.0 hub preferably that uses Multi-TT that the artile I referenced above mentions?
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  1. Having things plugged into a hub will degrade their performance, that is just the nature of a hub. I'm sure most if not all usb hubs now days have multi-TT. If it was just comming out when toms reviewed it a year ago it is probably on everything now.
    If you haven't already, try a Belkin USB2 Hub. We are using several of those where I work and they have been very nice.

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  2. So I took your advice and bought the Belkin Multi Tetra hub (actually 3 hubs). They seem to work very nicely. Thanks for the advice!!!
  3. Yeah, I stuck a tetrahub under my couch and ran a 16foot usb2 cable from the TV PC to the hub so that i can use my Nostromo N52 and whatever gaming controller or wheel i want to use at the time and yet have it all hidden. Most all of my devices are USB 1.1 so i like the tetrahub even if it doesnt really make a difference.
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