"error loading os" Please Help!

Please help with a problem. I installed a new additional harddrive and was moving files from the primary drive to it. I had the case open and touched it, causing a static discharge. The computer immediately shut down. Now I cannot get it to start without having the WinXP disk in the cd rom. I get the message "error loading os" and it stops there. I did a reinstall to fix windows but that didn't work. I also used Recovery to write new a mbr (fixmbr) and wrote a new bootsector (fixboot) but still the same error and lock up. Any ideas?

Thanks very much for any assistance! Michael
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  1. Sorry to tell you this, my friend, but the CMOS circuitry on most motherboards is extremely suseptible to fatal damage due to esd! You've probably killed your motherboard. On the upside, motherboards are pretty cheap today. Next time, you might want to pay attention to those annoying warnings about grounding yourself before touching any electronic equipment. Also, you will want to reload everything for smoother operation after replacing the mb.

    Good Luck Buddy!
  2. hang on a sec - if he's POSTing and getting to the point of OS trying to load, his CMOS is fine.

    Did you try the clear CMOS jumper?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  3. Hey thanks

    I cleared the cmos and i am golden, the only reason i cross posted is i didn't know if i had a software or hardware prob. again thanks

  4. Hey there

    Thanks for your help. I cleared the cmos and its working fine again. Take it easy.

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