New windows 7 intallation - will not recognise new WD hard disk

I had a problem with my hard drive last week, I believe the OS became corrupted I've bought the new WD5000BEVT, installed it successfully but when I try to install the Windows OS is fails to recognize that a hard disk is installed!
Has someone a solution to this? I've an additional external drive and external cd drive which are both accessible during installation.
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  1. try booting from cd/dvd drive with your win7 disk in it to install windows?
  2. Have you made sure all your connections are correct? Is it recognized in your BIOS? Do you have both the data and the power cable connected correctly? I know that there were times where I connected the SATA cable but forgot to connect the power cable and it appeared as if the drive wasn't connected.
  3. Thanks, I got it all working. The drive I purchased was actually faulty, I got the same model again, activated 2 partitions, made one active and ensured that drive was under 200GB ( it seems some older model motherboards don't like bigger!). After a few trials and errors I got it installed. As regards the SATA cables, I was installing the new drive directly into the old slot on the motherboard and booting from an external CD Drive as my internal was also problematic so there shouldn't have been a power problem.

    I later had some issues with windows 7 drivers not recognising my graphics card (coprocessor), after trawling through hours of blogs and being entirely unsuccessful I found one guy who reccommended installing DriverMax software... I couldn't reccommend it more!! it really solved my problems both recognising and naming the hardware and tracking relevant drivers. Their free account also allows you 2 free driver downloads per day, the best driver helper I've tried by far.

    Thanks again for the help.
  4. Glad you were able to get the issue figured out.
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