What ya think ?

What do u guys think of this laptop ?
fujitsu lifebook S2110SM2 series
some basic specs:

1gb ram
Turion MT 30
80 gb hd

i live in sg....
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  1. Here's what Cnet says:

    The good: Beautiful design; internal optical drive despite its slim profile; compatible with 64-bit applications; bright screen; affordable.
    The bad: Below-average performance; notebook base heats up significantly; exterior easily picks up fingerprints and oil stains; integrated graphics chip; poor audio performance.
    The bottom line: For the budget-conscious executive or student who does little gaming or use processor-intensive applications, the excellent design and quality materials used could be the decisive factor.

  2. What's your price range for a new laptop?
  3. well, my budget is around 2000-2500 sing dollars so it is round about USD1200-1600..know it isn't much but ya@
  4. What are you looking to do on the system (development, games, business work, etc)?

  5. You rang?
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