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I recently purchased an asus a7n8x and some pc3200 memory.
when i go into the bios, it says my ram is only at 200mhz, half of what its suppose to be running at (ddr400). when i try to change it, it will not even goto 300mhz.. and even then it wont startup. i was wondering if showing 200 is correct. im a newbie at pc stuff. please reply
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  1. That's fine. Someone correct me if i am wrong but i beleive ddr ram has 2 phases per clock hence double data rate, thus it is only really opperating at 200mhz even if it is supposidly 400mhz ram.
  2. heya newbie243;

    what you are seeing is your CPU external frequency, or as more commonly known your front side bus, the CPU runs QDR at 200x4, so you are seeing exactly what its supposed to be.

  3. DDR 400 internal speed is 200 mghz

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  4. DDR400 runs at 200MHz. Because it has twice the clock cycles of SDR SDRAM, most companies lie and tell you it's 400MHz.

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