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i set up network sharing i have a wireless card on my laptop and i have an ethernet cord running from my laptop to my desktop and turned on sharing and even tried bridging them i cant get the desktop to connect it just stays limmited to no connectivity. thanks for the help guys
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  1. You can't share the internet from your desktop to your laptop.. To get internet on your laptop you have to have a router connected to your modem and you connect to the internet through that. Or you would have to unplug the desktop from the modem and plug up the laptop instead but that would just be silly.
  2. im getting wifi on my laptop but where ive read you can share the connection and im trying to share it on my desktop via ethernet as im far from my router and dont want to buy a wireless card for my desktop
  3. I think it should work. Setup your wireless card as normal, make sure it works. Then go into its adapter settings and enable sharing on it. then select the network card you want to share it to. I think it automatically sets the ip to x.x.x.1 and shares the connection. So on your desktop you can manually set ip and gateway/dns or it may work automatically. Please make sure you have ICS service on too. good luck
  4. OH! You want it the other way around? That's a different story. There are a couple different options here. First one is you can bridge the wireless and wired connections and connect the laptop to the desktop with a crossover Ethernet cable, CAT 5e if I'm not mistaken..

    Or you could buy a wireless card that goes into a usb port and put it on the desktop. Or get one that goes in a free PCI slot inside the computer on the motherboard.
  5. i have bridged them and i cant get it off of limmited to no conectivity on the dekstop it says its recieving and sending packets at 1gps but it cant connect
  6. still the same thing i ahve a cat 6 cable will that work? or do i just ned to go buy a cat5e
  7. Have you tried what I said? I didn't mention anything about a bridge.
  8. yes for some reason im still getting limmited to no conectivity iv tried everything
  9. do ipconfig on both machines. start>run>ipconfig /all
    copy and paste info here.
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