Raptor Raid 0

I just installed a pair of Raptors in a raid 0 configuration using the SATA ports on my A7N8X Delux.

Before moving my OS over onto them I benchmarked with sandra experimenting with combinations of chunk and cluster sizes of 4k & 64k.

The overall score for all combinations was at the 69000 kB/s mark. Average results for 64k chunk/ 64k cluster were:-

Buffered Read = 109 MB/s
Sequential Read = 107 MB/s
Random Read = 11 MB/s

Bufered Write = 90 MB/s
Sequential Write = 94 MB/s
Random Write = 20 MB/s

Average Access Time = 5ms

Similar results were observed when using 4k clusters and/or 4kb chunks but the Sequential Write dived to 9 MB/s

Interesting to see the Buffered read/writes were on par with run of the mill ATA 100/133 single drives but this is down to cache performace.

where this configuration really impressed me was with the Sequential results which shows the sheer grunt of data transfers to and from the platters.

Right, I'm off to hopefully achieve my fastest ever installation of XP ;-)

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  1. Wow, nice

    seems to be the fastests I have seen.
  2. I've got XP installed on the array now and it's returning identical Sandra results. Ran PCMark 2002 and got a HDD score of 2039.

    My last raid setup was a pair of Maxtor 60GB Plus 9's on an Asus A7V133 which scored 1164. Using just one of those Maxtors on my A7N8X scored 833.

    <b>Vorsprung durch Dontwerk</b>.....<i>as they say at VIA</i>
  3. Sweet!!!

    How is the noise level? Are they louder than the other drives? Is the case fan noise louder than the drives, so you can't hear them at all?
  4. I run quite a few fans but I run them all at 5 or 7 volt and the systems pretty quiet.

    I thought noise might be an issue with them but they run surprisingly quiet although I can hear the data transfers which have a deep, almost clunky sound.

    <b>Vorsprung durch Dontwerk</b>.....<i>as they say at VIA</i>
  5. Hmm...
    Two raptor in RAID 0 means about 72 GB at 400 $ to have a Sandra score of 69000 producing a hissing sound.
    Moving to Maxtor SATA Plus 9 120 GB you have 240 GB at 260 $ for a Sandra score of 68000 without adding any noise.
    I am sure it needs to meditate well, before buying a couple of hdd for a RAID 0 array.

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  6. The drives cost me £195 for the pair and I get a 5 year warranty on the drives which IMHO was well worth the cash.

    One thing that I believe Sandra doesn't test is the drives I/O request rates which is one of the drives strong features.

    btw, The dealer I chose takes responsibility for the warranty and in the event of failure will get a replacement to me by the next working day.

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