What do you think about this rig ?

well, i'm going to buy a new computer soon... what do you think about it ? should i change anything ?
I'm gonne overclock it pretty high, i guess

CPU : Intel P4 2.4 GHz HT 512K 800Mhz Socket 478
Motherboard : ABIT IS7-E Intel 865PE
Memory : 2 * Corsair DDR-RAM 512MB 3500 CAS2
Hard Disc : WD 120GB 7200 rpm 8MB Buffer ATA100
Video Card : Gigacube Radeon 9800 Pro C3 128MB DDR 256bit
Floppy : Samsung Black 1.44MB
DVD-ROM : Lite-on 16/48 - Black
CD-RW : Lite-on 52/24/52 Black
Keyboard : Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard Special Edition (Black)
Mouse : Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse Optical BLACK - ps2/usb
Speakers : Altec Lansing APT3 2.1
Case : Supertalent Super Talent Aluminum Mid Tower W / Door,USB,1394,5Fan Case (Black)
Fan Control : Enermax UC-A5FATR2 Black
Power Supply : HEC (Heroichi) 475VD-T
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  1. That's an extremely solid rig.

    The only thing I would change would be the HDD. I would go with a serial(S)-ATA drive. They are a little more, but they are also faster, albeit not much, and have thinner cables for better airflow. There might be another benefit I'm forgetting.

    And also do some research on Gigacube if you haven't already. Never heard of that manufacturer.


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  2. this serial(S)-ATA drive is way too expensive for me..
    and i'll probebly round all the cables anyway.
    about Gigacube, this company is a small part of Gigabyte.. a little better quality.
    here's a link to the manufactor website : http://www.gigacube.com.tw/
    and to the 9800Pro page : http://www.gigacube.com.tw/products/r9800pro.htm
  3. Let's make that url into a clickable link, shall we ...
    <A HREF="http://www.gigacube.com.tw/products/r9800pro.htm" target="_new">Link</A>

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  4. They can also have longer cables, because they are far less succeptible to EMI within your case.

    S-ATA actually isn't that much more. I have two Seagate 160GB S-ATA drives in RAID-0, and it's bloody fast and quiet. Man, it's nice having a 300gb hdd full of music, movies, and mammaries ;-)

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