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I am currently trying to install windows onto a new computer of mine, and i am running into complications in the installation process. i am trying to install off of a bootable usb drive with the windows installation information on it, and that is running beautifully. the problem comes from my internal hard drives. i have been getting the error, which states that a driver for a cd/dvd drive is missing and the installation cannot continue untill the driver is found. i was dealing with this for the first few days, and so i decided to order anew hard drive. meanwhile, all of my hard drives are in working order, there is no corruption. i worked on it for a couple days, trying new ISOs, and thinking that it was a problem with the software, when in actuallity it wasnt. when i got my new hard drive in, i plugged it in solo, and there were no problems. i want to install windows in a raid format, so i have one other hard drive from the original set of hard drives that i want to include, but every time i plug it in, the installation rejects it. the only way that it works is with the single, new hard drive. i dont really know what sort of information i should provide, or what i should know, so if you would like me to provide anything, please just tell me and i would be happy to. thank you so much for your time and consideration!
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  1. plug your target hard drive into SATA0 and then you will be able to install windows to it.
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