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I wish to reformat my C: drive and re-install the OS; however, I do not want to lose my Quake3 score. Which files do I need to backup if I want to keep my current score in Quake3? Same question aplies to "Soldier of Fortune."
All help apreciated.
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  1. It's been over a week since I posted this message. During this period of time 25 people have read it yet no one has responded to it. Why? Is it because everyone is as much in the dark as I am? Or is it because my question does not merit an answer?
    Once again, all help is apreciated.
  2. Normally saved games have the .sav extension, but I don't know about high scores. And since I don't have these games I can't find out.

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  3. I played Quake3 about 18 months ago, for about 30 minutes; Uninstalled it, and gave it back to my friend. Even though it was an original disk, I was ashamed to have it on my computer. 'Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole' is pretty much the review I gave it.

    Anyway, Quake3 probably saves the scores in a single file somewhere. Check google and see if you can find one of the clan geek sites that will tell you how to save your state.
  4. Thank you both, Knowan and ejsmith2, for your response. I already looked for *.sav files in the program folder; there are none. I guess I'll go to one of the clan sites and post the same question. Thank you guys for your time and advice.
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