Problems booting RedHat 7

I download the ISO's to my computer and burned them to 2 CD'
s....I nuked all my partitions on my drive and created one for windows and left another for Linux. I installed RedHat 7 and when it gets to "probe" for the X Windows crap it has problems. After a while it finishes installing and I go to reboot for the first time- but nothing happens. Right after POST the computer just sits there- does nothing. Anyone wanna tell me what the hell i'm doing wrong? It'll boot into Linux with a boot disk- but only into command line. I want to get into the GUI!!!

-MP JEsse
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  1. I dont' know if you did this or not, but Windows must be on the C partition, it won't work properly unless it is (inferiority complex?). Linux will work on any partition. With LILO (LInux LOader) installed on the C drive you can choose to boot Windows or Linux.

    I've heard that Red Hat 7.0 is still buggy, so that could be part of your problem. I used SuSE 7.0 and had no installation problems at all. If you try SuSE you'll have to download the eval7.0 ISO. They don't have ISO's for their entire distribution.
  2. Boot using Bootdisk and at the command line type this stuff "/sbin/lilo" (no quotes). Tis coz you dont have bootloader installed and this will install it.
  3. Thanks =)

    -MP Jesse
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