Time Machine will not back up some files

Hi All

I have a 13" unibody mac book pro with a 500gb HDD and 500gb External HDD for time machine. And last week I downloaded some TV shows, which it started backing up 15.02gb of them, but then when ever it nearly finishes backing them up it just starts backing up the same files repeatedly as they seem not to want to go.

Please help me this is so irritating, and thanks for any help received.


C Cowan
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  1. Time Machine will re-back-up files that have been changed. If you are changing the metadata in these files with your media player, Time Machine will want to re-save them to your back-up drive.

    Time Machine will keep saving new versions of your entire system until the drive is full, then it will begin to delete some of the oldest ones to make room for the new bak-ups. As long as there aren't files that Time Machine is refusing to back-up, it doesn't sound like you're having a problem.
  2. Make sure you have flux capasitor. Change the time what you want and take your laptop to your car. Then speed up to 88MPH and thats it! I just watched Back to the future.. :D
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