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  1. For someone with nearly 200 posts, that was quite uninspiring...
  2. Well something gone wrong while writing question.But here is the problem.Trying to set 2.1 speakers on win 7 but there is no option for them.Any ideas how to fix it.

  3. No issues, Stereo = 2.1, at least so far as the OS cares...
    The bass box will (hopefully) filter out the high frequencies from both channels and just let out some sweet, sweet thump ;)
  4. That problem is dragging from XP ,Vista and now 7.I was hoping they will fix it by now.
    Anyway THANKS. :)
  5. It is not so much an issue with the OS, more how the audio tracks are encoded.
    I can not say that I have ever seen a native 2.1 recording and, as your 2.1 system uses a single TRS stereo jack, only stereo sound is outputted regardless of any settings.
    The '.1' is just there to supplement the sound from your stereo speakers.
  6. Yep you're right there, there is no need for a 3 channel sound system so instead the subwoofer amp splits the signal so that the woofers&tweaters handle left and right and the subwoofer handles everything below a certain frequency. There was no point for any software development as you're not using any extra channels. 5.1 and 7.1 is encoded with 6 and 8 channels in mind, and the same with 6.1 but as far as I am aware, 6.1 was still 6 channels, just the amp in the subwoofer is supposed to do the job for you and split the frequencies, much the same way a tweeter and woofer does in a normal stereo system.
  7. Turn up your speakers!
    Your woofers and your tweeters!
  8. I, too, noticed a lower quality in the bass when switching to windows 7. The best way I can find to correct the problem... In the control panel menu for "sound", with Speakers highlighted click the properties button. In the following properties window select the enhancements tab. Make sure the "Bass Boost" and "Virtual Surround" are both checked and Apply any changes. Then enjoy!!!
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