get a decent gaming laptop or a normal laptop + PS3 or 360?

Hey everybody, I have been reading these forums for a long time, but this is the first time I posted.

I have just got in to college and I need a laptop no matter what!

but I have a little $$ prob ( don't we all) and I was between getting a normal laptop just for some programming and net surfing,emailing,mp3 etc etc etc and a game console like PS3 or an xbox 360.

or just plain getting a decent gaming rig like one of those Acers with radeon x1600 gig of ram 120 hd for 1070 dollars or save up soem more and get a notebook from (gotta love those rigs)

Please give me your opinions =))

Thanks again,
John Macina
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  1. Get the normal notebook and the
    PS3! When it comes out.

    {HINT}Your parents aren't going to spend mucho dinero on colege and send you w/o a "required" notebook. Rat hole your personal stash for the PS3 & games. You can always use the... "I'll pay ya back line on the notebook since you "don't have ALL the money for it". That is pretty much like a loan to a 3'rd world country... They know it aint ever gettin' paid back, but it makes 'em feel better about it.

    Then find a girl who loves gaming and you are set!
  2. Well I go to USP in Brazil which is like the harvard of Brazil and the bets part it's for free o/ sicne they only accept kids who pass their version of an SAT which is MUCHHHHHHHHHH harder and no I am not saying this because I am brazilian ( I'm an american born in NJ)

    So basically my largest expense will be the laptop, since my rent is only 350 brazilian reais (like 120 US)

    but since I have been living here for the past 8 years my salary is in reais and not US dolars =(

    Do you think it matters that I will play PS3 on a normal TV instead of an HDTV?

    But I will try to take the loan for a wakizachi because that is one kick ass laptop =)
  3. get a Wii its cheaper and will play old(good) Nintendo games.
  4. Quote:
    get a Wii its cheaper and will play old(good) Nintendo games.

    I thought of that too, but I enjoy more the playstation titles =)
  5. I plan on gettong both, but the wii is cheap enough to be a x-mas present (or college student affordable)
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