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This is my first post and I'm still a bit of a noob at building. As of now I'm working on my second build and I've come across an issue that I feel has a relatively easy answer but after scouring the net' I've got hundreds of conflicting answers. Maybe the answer isn't so simple.

I've bought a new motherboard as well as an Intel 510 120GB SSD HDD. I have the retail version of Windows 7 Home Premium (which I upgraded to Windows Professional using Windows Upgrade Anytime---I took a screenshot of the key too) on my old 500GB Western Digital HDD on my first build.

How the heck do I get my hard drives setup so that I can still keep the information from the old 500GB drive yet still keep my MS Win7 licence? I've read about the Intel Migration software but I am unsure of the...sequence, I think that is the right word, of which to go about this.

Do I deactivate my Pro version and then the Premium version of Windows (slmgr - upk) so that it is deactivated, thus allowing me to install it on another drive? The SSD that is? Do I put the primary disk drive as the Intel SSD and the WD 500GB as the secondary? Then install Windows with my original disk onto the SSD, activate it (hopefully this will work; that was the point of deactivating it so hopefully MS would know I'm not installing their OS on two systems), and then use Intel Migration software to move data from the WD hard drive to the SSD?

I'm so lost on this part I just have to ask for help. The sequence of events and the licencing and the necessity for me to successfully transfer my information from the old WD hard drive to the new SSD is very important. I mean, do I not even do a clean install? Do I just somehow migrate the info and OS itself before...IDK. As you can see I'm lost big time.

Usually I figure these things out for myself but I just don't have the time or money to screw this up. Any help is very, very appreciated.

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    Would these links be any help to you.
    Firstly their is a piece of software costing 19 dollars but would not apply to me as I am english.
    All you need to do is use a bit of software with this

    or you could use another way which is free but is really hands on.
    "follow the geeky way on the site."


  2. Thank you!
  3. My wife called Microsoft Tech Support and this is what she got:

    The answer:

    1.) Put in new motherboard and hard drive

    2.) Re-install using the Windows 7 Home Premium disk.

    3.) When it gets to the activation part there is an option to activate over the phone and they give you a phone number. You must call the phone number at that point and confirm with them that this is a new motherboard/hard drive on the same computer and NOT a second computer. You might be able to get away with online activation but I don't see the point in the risk.

    4.) They will activate Windows 7 Home Premium with you.

    5.) Then you can re-use your upgrade key. It is somehow linked to your home premium key so it will work. I had used Windows Anytime Upgrade to purchase Windows 7 Professional. I used the key for that and it worked perfectly.

    Hopefully this will help someone out someday.

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