5.1 Surround with 3 channels in win 7 :(

Hi people from tomshardware. First of all I want to thank all of you for all your help (in the past and the present and I know the future :) )

This is the problem:

I have this mb mcp6pb m2+ from biostar (site: http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/content.php?S_ID=387 )

This mb has only 3 channel (mic in, line in and sound out I think :) ). I have a 5.1 surround speaker (or speakers because there are 5 + woofer) and when IN WINDOWS XP I connect the plugs, even when there are only 3 channels, the utility let me change for example, mic in to rear speakers (so I can use 5.1 speakers with this mb)

the problem is that in win 7, when I download the latest drivers, they are only the drivers, there is no utility (hd audio utility from realtek) so it recognizes only 3 channels, and with mic in, lin etc, so I cant use 5.1 :( and when I enter in the config, the option 5.1 or surround or etc are grayed out :(

in resume, my problem is:

Having only 3 channels of audio, in WIN XP I can use these channels for 5.1 (loosing mic etc because via the utility u can change the function of each plug conector in the mb) but in win 7 the utility does not exist (when I download the latest driver only the driver is downloaded) and then I cant even choose in options the 5.1 sound (because it does not let change mic for front etc)

thank you again I know you will help me :=)
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  1. bloody realtek. I had the same prob with one of my home PCs. They still haven't updated most of their drivers to work with Win 7 yet. I don't have Win 7 in front of me at the mo so I can't tell you but I know it is possible to change the default jack setting. In fact I think Realtek didnt update their drivers because it is possible to change the function of the Mic/Line in and Line Out jacks. Keep fiddling with your sound settings and maybe the sound card setting on Control Panel - System- Device Manager, you might find something there.
  2. I'm betting they realized that level of control was very convenient for the users so they scrapped it.
  3. It seems that you had installed only the HDMI audio driver or an incomplete installation of Driverpackage.
    Please download & Install the full driver Package of about 55MB file.

    Still the 5.1 setup is there with Realtek.
    It is also available with Win 7 drivers. I am using it.

    Realtek HD Audio Manager Utility is available in Windows 7.

    You can select & use the 5.1 channels by losing,mic & audio in jacks.
    Download & insall the 55 MB file size driver from above link.
    It says driver only But Still the utility is there.

    Using Driver Cleaner PRO, remove the older set of drivers & Do a fresh install.
  4. thank you very much to all :)

    thats the driver I was using, and no, the 5.1 option still cannot be selected :(

    (2.43 driver version from realtek page) it install, ask for a restart, but then, the aplication to change the settings of the jacks is not there, and in (right click, sound settings, etc) I cant select 5.1 :(
  5. If the driver is installing without an error means, HD audio manager will be there.

    Go to control panel, There You can see the HD audio manager Setup, After setting it to 5.1, Check the show icon in task bar option, so that you can get it on taskbar all the time.

    Hope this helps
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