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  1. I have a model called the Executioner that has a 7900 GTX 512 MB, up to WUXGA resolution.

    I am receving a T7400 Core 2 Duo 2.16 Ghz this week and testing it in this system. Why wait until Q4 until they are released in the U.S. or take that chance that your notebook can't upgrade?

    If you are doing a lot of encoding and disk intensive processes, you may want to go with two 7,200 rpm hard drives in a a RAID0 configuration, or a 64 GB FLASH RAM hard drive for your OS, programs and renders, and a second 7,200 rpm hard drive for data, media and larger rendering. There is where your bottleneck is going to be.

    The memory is a good idea, but the price of the 2 GB chips are somewhat impracticle for the average Joe right now.
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  3. 1. Flash hard drive:
    Yes, i just don't list it because it is very expensive and usually people that want totally custom systems don't want to click a drop down box for them, they want to talk to someone and make sure they are geting the right set up.

    2. I have many systems in Canada, Europe, Australia & the Middle East which is why I facilitate a GLOBAL warranty.

    Killer Notebooks NO B.S. Global Warranty
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  5. Answered via email.
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  7. I'm sure there are many people interested in KN and have the same questions as Miro. Posting the answers to those questions could only help KN.
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  9. We have Chicago, Il - Appleton, WI and Sydney, Australia branches.

    I have been trying to get Mobility Guru to review an Executioner, but I can't get them to return emails after they said they would review it.

    I have 3 people that work for me.

    I have a standard 1 year No B.S. warranty.

    I have a 100% No Dead Pixel guaranty.

    The dual drive configuration - The media bay is modular. You can get a 2nd hard drive cage to facilitate the use of a second hard drive... Flash Hard drives would be possible, yes.

    I deal with several ODM's who design the notebooks. I look for superior screens, quality builds, reliability and cutting edge technology.

    As far as RAM, when you need the largest bandwidth you need the DDR2-667 memory. Also, if purchasing a T7400 Core 2 Duo, you are going to want higher bandwidth because it has a faster fsb.
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