Guy with a old computer in need of help, please come in and help!!! ><

Hello folks! First of all, thanks in advance for all the help given by people we replied!!!!!!! :love:

Here's the deal, I have a really old computer (specs below), and I was wondering if I upgraded to Windows 7, would it be possible to find all the drivers and for all the hardwares to work properly.

Why? Well, sadly, Microsoft is bailing out on Windows XP and I just feel like I need to go along with the trend! Hahaa, what I meant is, as many of you might have heard about already, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP (Well, at least until July 13th, 2010) and there'll be no drivers... supports... games... nothing, nothing for XP!!!!!! So, I was wondering if it's time I ditch the 9 years old "legendary" OS, and here's the specs, tell me if you guys think this'll work!


Pentium D 2.80GHz overclocked to 3.20GHz using ASUS Ai Overclock (Stupid motherboard doesn't let me tweak the Bclk and stuff = =)

ASUS P5LD2 SE Motherboard

2.5GB of RAM

80GB of HDD space

nVidia GT220

So, that's it, do you guys think it'll work? Other than the GT220 the other parts are QUITE OLD... I didn't find Windows 7 drivers for the motherboard... so... :pfff:

So will it work?

Oh wait wait, I have one last question. What version of Windows 7 is the kind that you can install on many computers? I saw the full version and it was twice the money, but it says that 32 and 64 bit are both included, so does that mean in full version I just get 2 different version of the OS or does it mean I can install it on as many computer as I like?

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    Your motherboard might be the big problem. However, it does have Vista drivers, so you should be good to go in that respect.

    There are Windows 7 drivers for the GT220 so you're good to go there as well.

    Otherwise, it might be better to go and get a new system that is better able to handle Windows 7. More recent dual/quad core CPUs are better able to handle Windows 7 than the Pentium Ds.
  2. Thank you isamuelson, I appreciate the reply! :bounce:

    I know that nothing likes the Pentium D, but I do have a plan on buying a new rig, but I just want to wait until the the hexacore CPU comes out and possibly before Fermi comes out, but I will be purchasing a high-end rig sometime this year, that's for sure :sol:

    Anyways, nice to hear that my components would work on Windows 7, I've tried the Release Candidate version and I was obsessed with it, only thing that made me leave the OS was that the freakin' drivers didn't work...

    ANYWAYS...(Last time xD) Good to hear that, probably would be purchasing the OS later this month


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